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OUR MISSION For Better Services Our Mission is to design,install,service and maintain cost effective, customized, modern reliable air conditioning  Read more

OUR VISION Embracing Modern Trends Our vision is to expand the cold system industry with a state of the art and modern technology hence excelling in offering unique  Read more

OUR STRATEGY Full Proof Plans For You We invest in the technology, infrastructure and people to grow market share and our installed base of original  Read more

WHY US Reason why we are best We are small enough to provide a personal service to all our clients and at the same time be a thoroughly professional company  Read more

Ductwork Maintenance

HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesProper maintenance of your system includes a list of standard maintenance procedures, that will include a thorough inspection of duct work which is supposed to be carried out from time to time. Read More

Air Conditioning

HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesAir Conditioning is the modern, economic and efficient way to bring comfort in your home – in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, throughout the year . This adds value to you and your family’s day to day life Read More


HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesThe going green global trend has seen an increase in demand for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems in Kenya that are not only energy efficient and cost effective but also environment friendly to all. Read More

Mechanical Ventilation

HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesWe design and manufacture a wide rage of ventilation products for public sector, commercial and industrial buildings and now domestic. Our craftsmanship in this line has been the ability to design and build products and solutions that meet all the required expectations. Read More

Coldroom Maintenance

HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesWe provide customer maintenance on commercial cold rooms to ensure that food is kept at optimum temperatures for freshness and safety with target of both local and export industries. Our area of target will is a vast range from domestic to industrial Read More

Air Conditioner

HVAC-Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ServicesAir conditioning units need occasional preventive maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and smoothly mostly at every quarter year or three times in a year. There are other important benefits of maintaining your air conditioning unit regularly. Read More


Selected Brands


Snow Desert (EA) limited provides personalized refrigeration and air conditioning services to the world’s largest food and drink exhibitions, corporate clients and supermarket retailers. Read more


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