Ceiling Cassettes Split Units Air Conditioners

Ceiling Cassettes Split Units air conditioners make it easy to keep your business cool – no matter what the temperature outside may be. Featuring innovative technology and a sleek, streamlined design, our ceiling cassette ACs are the perfect solution for your space.

Ceiling air conditioner units provide exception air cooling coverage, even to larger rooms, thanks to our unique 360° Round flow cassette technology providing 360° radial air pattern to ensure uniform airflow and temperature distribution. With 23 different airflow and temperature distribution settings, the AC unit’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) can be maximised, and additional control over evaporating and condensing temperatures for even greater savings.

Presence and floor sensors allow ceiling air conditioners to detect the occupancy of a room and adjust temperature and airflow accordingly for optimal efficiency and comfort, enabling running costs to be reduced by as much as 27%. Programmable air discharge outlets can be controlled via remote to change the room configuration and set point range of the AC unit without having to reposition the cassette.

360° Round flow Cassette features a special filter that cleans itself automatically, ensuring consistent, optimum performance and saving up to a further 30% in running costs. The dust box can hold as much as 12 months of stored dust collected from the automated cleaning process. The Hi-COP 360° Roundflow cassette unique to ceiling air conditioners goes well beyond the Energy Related Products Directive minimum efficiency standards for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and seasonal coefficient of performance. They combine industry-leading efficiency with exceptional functionality to suit both office and retail applications. Order online or get in touch with our team today for more information.

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