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Cold room services, Cold Room sale and Installation in Kenya

About our cold room installation
Cold Room sale and Installation in Kenya Snowdesert (EA) Ltd are specialists in the design and installation of hygienic areas, cold rooms and cold stores for chilled distribution centers, as well as industrial specification firewalls and partitions.

Using high quality insulated panels, Snowdesert (EA) Ltd create temperature controlled hygienic environments throughout East Africa. From cold stores, cold rooms and hygienic food processing environments, through to chilled distribution warehouses and walk-in freezers, our experience and specialist expertise covers it all.

We pride ourselves in our ability to react when requested with both consistency of product and quality of installation. We are able to provide very competitive rates throughout our product range, including modular cold rooms and all types of insulated panels.

Different Types of Cold Rooms

Modular Cold Rooms

Modular Cold Rooms are made up of standard-sized panels, all of which easily lock together. They’re supplied flat packed making it easier to unload and are much less space-consuming. Instead of a custom-built room (which can become expensive!) they are ideal for commercial-sized refrigeration rooms for the end customers, they offer the perfect tailored solution to perfectly fit into the space you have available.

Available in stainless steel as well as the standard galvanized steel sheet with food-safe polyester, the panels contain highly efficient insulation materials which are encased within the surfaces. They are easily cleaned and are made from accredited food-safe materials.

Although they can chill or freeze at any temperature range, Barnsley refrigeration use 3 main ones when supplying modular cold rooms. They are:

Chiller (between 2 and 12C): Used for dairy, vegetables, prepared meals, etc

Medium (between -2 and 5C): Used for fresh meat and fish

Freezer (down to -22C): Used for frozen goods of all kinds

Combi Cold Rooms

Different types of stock require different temperatures, especially for those businesses that deal with the catering industry. Some need freezers, some merely to chill, which could mean either multiple cold rooms or one that has separate temperatures. Should you be restricted on space or if the space you have available is narrow and long, Combi Cold Rooms are ideal as they take up less overall space than multiple cold rooms.

The Combi Cold Rooms are quite simply one room divided into two, the ‘chiller’ side and ‘freezer’ side. The main access into the Combi Cold Room would be through the chiller side, then there is a door between the two Cold Rooms to access the ‘freezer’ side. Each one is controlled by two individual refrigeration units.

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Quite simply, a Walk-in Cold Room is just what it says on the label! You can walk into the room. No crouching down or awkwardly bending to get to something you’ve stored at the back! You can enter the room with your arms stretched high. The Modular and Combi Cold Room’s above for example are Walk in Cold Rooms. In a cabinet refrigerator, you open the door and the shelves are immediately in front of you. A Walk-in Cold Room has shelves on either side of the room so you can actually walk into the room and then the shelving is to the side, away from the door.

Why Cold Rooms?

Hygienic Environments Fire rated food processing and production areas
Firewall Partition Systems . Firewall Partition Systems Fire rated advanced composite panels for industry
Temperature Controlled Environments . Temperature Controlled Environments Fire rated cold rooms and cold stores

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