Our team are our greatest asset

Our Team

Here at SNOWDESER (EA) LTD, we know that our people are what make us different! Each employee has the customer’s best interest in mind, and we guarantee that our customers are safe and taken care of when their service is in our hands!

We feel confident in our employees and the work they do, because from the moment they begin their job with SNOWDESER (EA) LTD,, they understand the value that we place in customer service, as well as the importance of high quality workmanship.

From the employees who schedule calls, to the technicians who perform the work, our people are held to a high standard of service that no company can compete with!

Background Checks: With many of our employees entering customer’s homes for repairs, maintenance, and replacement, each employee must pass a thorough and comprehensive background check before our company hires them. This process allows our customers to be 100% sure that the technician in their home is a person worthy of trust! Our employees represent our company, and we want to be sure that our reputation and family values are displayed through our respectful, courteous and knowledgable employees!


Our people are SNOWDESER (EA) LTD, family…and so are you!

We treat our employees like family, and in turn, they treat the customers as such! It’s our goal to make YOU feel confident and safe from start to finish. From the moment you call in to schedule a service, our team is dedicated to treating you as if you were family of the Furr’s themselves! We have long-standing relationships with our loyal customers, and they know that they can call on us for years to come!


As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to public relations and the results it delivers.
Our Servicing and installation experts are a team of dedicated professionals who know their specialties and have the skills to do their jobs right.
Their extensive training in the proper installation techniques for a wide variety of AC equipment type, brand and models qualify them to work on central air conditioners, ductless heating and cold rooms services. Our team is made up of disciplined, open minded and highly trained professionals who understand every aspect of their job and commit themselves to the customers need and satisfaction.

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