Prefab Houses Construction in Kenya

Prefab Houses Construction in Kenya

Prefab Houses Construction Services in Kenya

Prefabricated houses are among the most preferred housing structures in recent years. While prefabricated houses offer quick and simple solutions to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, they can also be preferred for different purposes such as temporary housing, social housing, refugee camp, if needed. Prefabricated houses, which have become popular in recent years with the innovations and developments in the construction industry, allow you to return to your home quickly and practically, have many advantages such as easy installation, affordable cost and modern design.

Prefab Houses Construction in Kenya

Advantages of building prefab houses in Kenya

  1. The construction time is greatly reduced as all that has to be done on-site is to fix the panels together
  2. Moreover, the construction cost is greatly reduced – there are fewer workers on-site and there is no wastage of materials.
  3. Using prefabs to construct houses is an eco-friendly option that conserves our environment. Most of the construction materials used are manufactured in the factory and therefore causing less harm to the environment.
  4. There is room to expand or remodel a prefab house without having to bring down the whole house.
  5. Most times, the rainy season tends to affect building a traditional house. However, using Prefabs means that no changes in weather will deter its construction process.

Disadvantages of Using Prefabs

Despite prefab houses having a myriad of advantages, it also has its fair share of disadvantages.

  1. It will take a fair share of investment in effort and time to change people’s mindsets to choosing to build the prefab way rather than traditionally.
  2. Arranging for transportation to the construction site can be very strenuous.
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