Wireless Temperature/ Humidity Sensor

Email, Text, Call Alerts

Get Notifications by emails, text , call alerts when alarms are tripped. Add multiple emails, and phone numbers. Get Notified instantly.

The Proteus AMBIO wireless temperature and humidity sensor allows you to maintain strict control over your environment. With programmable text or email alerts and audible alerts, you can immediately see or hear when the environment is outside the set parameters. For goods that must be stored under certain conditions, the AMBIO temperature and humidity sensor allows you to maintain strict control even when you are away.

The AMBIO wireless sensor detects changes in temperature and humidity as small as three percent, up to -40 degrees and up to 257 degrees. Installation is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Order a temperature or humidity sensor for your home or business and keep the environment secure.

Temperature Monitoring Solution Kenya
  • Cloud connected WiFi Temperature Humidity sensor with NO monthly charges
  • Connects to your home or office wifi. No hub or gateway required.
  • Sends alerts by email/ text messages to multiple phones and emails.
  • Easy set up, plugs directly into wall outlet. Sensor sticks out 3 inches for improved accuracy. Contact us if you need longer sensor cable.
  • Programmable smart buzzer can be turned off after few minutes to avoid prolonged beep noise

• Temperature / Humidity sensors for ambient monitoring.
• Supports Temperature, Heat Index or Dew Point Measurement.
• 802.11b/g WiFi (2.4 GHz) provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network
• Easy to change settings, view live data and alarm logs from your smartphone or PC
• Send alert emails and text messages to multiple emails and phones.
• Optional Voice Call alerts to multiple phones.
• Month long data logs, with options for extended data storage.
• Audible alert immediately notifies of any sensor reading fluctuations to alert local personal.
• Smart audible alert can be turned on, off or even programmed to turn off after few minutes

Temperature Monitoring Solution KenyaEasy to Setup.

You can use your smart phone, tablet or a laptop to setup the sensor.

  • Power up your sensor.
  • Connect your phone/ laptop to ProteusSetup-xxxxx network.
  • Wait for setup screen to popup.
  • Select your wifi, enter wifi password.
  • Select timezone.
  • Enter primary email.
  • Save Settings

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